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No Customer Service



  • 316angelinar

    Same! I placed an order December 1st that I still haven't received and I've also requested help 4 times. No response at all :'( idk what to do

  • Lilwinans65

    I emailed and they responded to that. Putting in the ticket online did nothing though. They responded to that email about 3 days after so not too long!!

  • Chels

    I’ll try this too. Otherwise I might have to just contact my CC company.

    Were they able to figure out why your order was delayed?

    I’m also having the same issue with UMG but for Renee Rapp merch. It’s been 2-3 months and they were initially responding but now aren’t. I escalated to PayPal. SC’s customer service just won’t reply at all. 

  • Lilwinans65

    My order was delayed to ship for like 2 months then they put the completely wrong address on my package and it was delivered to a different street, they answered saying they might be sold out of that merch since it was limited so they’ll be “happy” to refund but haven’t said anything else yet. I’m definitely not buying from this store again. I wish you luck!!


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