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My Package Has Not Arrived And The Tracking Information States That It Was Delivered. What Can Be Done For Me?



  • Sherry Howard

    You guys have not been very helpful. My package has not arrived and it seems impossible to get a response from anyone

  • Jasminetnelson

    Customer service has been absolutely tragic. I’ve emailed four times to try and get some help regarding my two damaged fruit cake vinyl and haven’t heard anything back. Guess I’ll be contacting my bank for a refund.

  • Peytonfain15

    I didn’t receive 2 out of 3 of my items, sent pictures of the package (showing that all three couldn’t possibly fit, to prove I wasn’t lying lol) and got no response. I’ve emailed many times, still no response. Atrocious.

  • Stacia Frazier

    I ordered a pair of sweatpants from the website at the beginning of December for a Christmas Present.  I finally received a tracking number last week and it was "delivered" on Thursday.  I've reached out twice to you and you have not responded.  The postal service said that the tracking you gave me was incorrect and that the tracking number you gave in fact did get delivered to the correct house.  I will never order again as it's been almost 2 months and I still do not have what I ordered.  A refund or my merchandise would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Caroline Potts

    I ordered a heart crewneck back in early December. I emailed them way before the package started to ship to change my address, then they responded with a very vague email not confirming if they can change the address or not. They did in fact, not change the address. Thats the first thing. The second thing is my package was marked delivered 5 days ago and I have no received it. I am not the first person this has happened two, multiple people who ordered the exact same product as me are having the same problem. But because it is marked "delivered" there is nothing that the merch team can do, which I think is ridiculous because it is entirely their fault. Will never be ordering from the website again

  • Peytonfain15

    That is so frustrating, I’ve reached out so many times and no response, just radio silence, it’s absurd, that’s over $100.00 for me. It’s not crazy but I’m not rich, that’s a lot for me. It’s very frustrating because they just didn’t pack my items, it should be such an easy fix. I’ve ordered from here multiple times and had no issues, just don’t know what to do.


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