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I Want To Cancel An Order, What Can Be Done For Me?



  • Cduncansonjones

    What if you just made it? LIke two to three hours ago?

  • Livvylou1126

    what if u just made it and just want it two sizes bigger

  • Ann Neff

    What if my daughter looked at her merchandise and this was to be her Christmas present and she HATES the items I bought for her? (I guess I should have consulted her before so there is 0 surprise?) So, I cannot cancel this? I just want a reasonable business practice. What type of store locks you in the minute you hit submit? I can guarantee you I will NEVER EVER buy merchandise from Sabrina ever ever ever again. This policy is nuts! I guess I will have to put it up on the resale sites and "be one of those" people. Thanks for nothing.

    (Look me up if anyone wants any merch in a different size that is no longer avail - I may have it!) Thanks fellow Sabrina buyers.

  • Joanna L Lessard

    This website is total crap. All they care about is getting peoples money. Running a "business" that has crap for customer service and no regard for its customers needs is no business i would recommend that ANYONE deal with.
    My kid thought he was getting something for his girlfriend with plenty of time for Christmas. Yes there was time. Now, a month past and the item STILL isn't here. They ignore your emails and refuse to take accountability for their lack of ethical business practices. Where else can I report how awful this site and its management is? I'm telling everyone I know, NOT to order anything from them or any of its associated sites


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